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What We Offer



Initial Assessment & Treatment

(Approx. 90 minutes)

Initial assessment involves a visual examination of the horse’s conformation and movement, gathering of historical and current injuries or concerns as well as past and present workload and disciplines. A physical (topline) assessment is also conducted to note any trigger/response points. A customized full body massage treatment is provided following the assessment as well as key stretches and exercises.

Massage Treatment

(Approx. 60 minutes)

A topline assessment is conducted before each massage. A full body massage is provided to the horse with time spent on areas requiring special attention such as trigger points or areas of tightness/tenderness. Various massage techniques are used, customized to each horse’s needs and tolerance. Key stretches and exercises are also provided to ensure your horse receives all the potential benefits out of the treatment.

Location & Pricing

Willing to travel to provide services.
Please inquire about pricing at this time.

Melissa recently treated my horse who has been rehabbing from an injury for 10 months. After a thorough assessment she recognized multiple areas of tension in his neck, shoulders and back and slowly worked through them. Melissa  was really in tune with my horse's tolerance of discomfort and was very gentle in gradually applying pressure under his threshold to allow him to release the tension. Melissa really knows her stuff - she kept me informed through the treatment and sent me a detailed report of her findings after. I saw a big release in tension at the end of the session and she definitely found areas my horse really enjoyed being massaged!!  

Melissa showed me a few simple activities I can do while grooming to improve posture and stretch. I noticed an improvement in how he moved in the days following and when she came back several weeks later there was overall  improvement, especially in the really sore areas in his neck. She has a soothing and quiet energy while she works and my horse certainly appreciated the treatments with visible relaxation. Thank you very much for your help Melissa!!


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