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Elevated Equine Massage

Taking your horse's health to new levels

Take care of your horse, and your horse will take care of you. I am here to help you do just that. Elevated Equine Massage will aide in elevating your horse's health to a new level and maintain optimal health.

About Me

Hi! I'm Melissa Jones, certified equine massage therapist and owner of Elevated Equine Massage. I’m so glad you’ve arrived!​ Let me share a little bit about myself.

I met my first horse at a very young age, and it was then that my passion blossomed. I love helping others and being a part of the equine community and knew I wanted to incorporate this community, into my life more somehow.


So, I successfully completed a certification in equine massage and created Elevated Equine Massage. ​


My equine massage program is not only about massaging your horse but is a full treatment program that will not only help your horse achieve results but also help maintain those results for optimal health and well-being.  


I am so excited to help and share my passion with you and have you entrust me to be a part of your horse’s life journey regardless of discipline, age, size or breed.​


Take a look around and discover all the benefits of equine massage.


Are you ready to elevate your horse's overall performance?

About Elevated Equine Massage

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My equine massage program is not only about massaging your horse but is a full treatment program that includes assessments, customized massage, stretches and exercises for each individual horse that not only helps to achieve elevated results but also helps to maintain those results for optimal health and well-being. Elevated Equine Massage wants all horses to rise to new levels of health and performance.

Vision: Healthy horses create happy horses which make happy horse owners. 


Mission: Elevate optimal health and well-being of every horse regardless of age, breed, or discipline. 



  • EQUITY I believe all horses are entitled to achieve their full health and wellbeing potential.

  • EXCELLENCE I promise to provide the highest quality of service to the best of my ability.

  • COLLABORATION By working with all equine care providers, the best health outcome for your horse can be achieved. 

  • ACCOUNTABILITY  I believe in being transparent and responsible to each horse owner by using ethical and current best practices while striving to maintain ongoing education and research.

  • RESPECT I believe that respect for all horses and their owners is embedded within the built relationships, and is reflected in my work.

  • POSITIVITY I believe in a mutually positive, healthy environment where each horse and owner are valued and communicated with openly and kindly.

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